Connatser Wood Floors -
"We very much enjoyed working with Lou and Louie. You have been very professional and attentive to our concerns throughout the process.  We value this about you and in addition to the skill and experience, this is what had set you apart from so many other contractors we have worked with.
The floors are beautiful!  I must say now that a few weeks have passed, I really appreciate the richness and depth of the natural colors.  It is amazing how clear the grain is compared to other floors in our home... absolutely amazing.  And the finish.... well lets just say that the neighbor's just got their floors done and while I was only looking from the window (as the floors weren't walkable yet), you could see all the seams of the planks.  Lou's work is so much smoother.  You can really tell the difference in the work.  Glad we took the time to find Lou."
Daniel and Victoria G.